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The ability to recruit and retain the right people is fundamental to business success, and whether a business needs to fill a position, manage people, or build team culture, this page has been created to assist.

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At Mills Resources, we’re passionate about partnering with ambitious organisations to help build great teams, achieve positive outcomes, and generate sustainable growth.

Our services include the management of the recruitment process, specific people searches, payroll services, as well as benchmarking, networking, and ongoing support, and based on your needs and objectives, the service we provide can be scaled up and down.

The benefits of partnering with us

  • We guarantee that the best possible candidate will be selected
  • 100% record of preventing work or pay condition complaints
  • Available for frequent and ongoing consultation on relevant issues
  • We manage, and ensure that all paperwork is correctly completed
  • All major policies are readily available for candidates
  • We take an invested approach to achieving sustainable outcomes
  • The transition process is set up to be smooth, hassle-free, and no fuss

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