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With global opportunities presenting themselves and constant change to the industries in which people work, the thought of working overseas is not just an exciting one, but also very much within reach for many professionals and workers.

At Mills, we’ve put together this resource to introduce you to the idea of working overseas, what it entails and what it might mean for your life.

Be prepared

Whatever your reason for moving overseas, being properly prepared for your new environment can help you to make the transition less stressful and allow you to adapt your new lifestyle. The things you take for granted at home won’t be accessible in the same way anymore and so any research you can do prior to your move is going to assist you once you get there.

It’s a great career move

Working overseas will help your career. Employers of the future see many benefits to a resume that includes overseas work. The experience you gather, adaptability you learn and the skills you acquire all make you a more attractive candidate for the future. Moving overseas and finding work experience shows motivation, independence, maturity and adaptability – all extra ticks on your job application forms.

Enjoy the benefits

In a lot of cases, an individual will make more money when working overseas, and often this higher pay is the draw card, but consider the different culture, industries, process, management styles and geographies that you are exposed to when working overseas. It’s an exciting ride for many people.

Think before putting it off

When it comes to working overseas, the most important consideration is timing. If the timing is right and the opportunity is available, consider that you may not be presented with a time in your life where this will be possible. If you do want to at some point work overseas, think before passing up

The unintended upsides

You will discover things about yourself and capabilities that you thought you didn’t have when in foreign situations you’ve not encountered before. You’ll have stories to tell for years to come. These become the unintended upsides that many find just as fulfilling.

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