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Many of us don’t fully realise the potential we have to bring great people together, but this dormant talent within all of us has the capacity to create lasting change in our businesses, lives and industries.

At Mills, our passion, purpose and differentiating value are in our ability to bring great people together for clients. ‘ Bringing great people together’ is the reason we exist. With that in mind, we wanted to unpack in more detail what this statement means, why it’s so important and how to harness the energy of bringing great people together.

1. It takes time to build relationships

Bringing Great People together requires a considerable amount of time in building trusted long-lasting relationships. Through establishing, maintaining and growing networks in specific areas, the value can be added to both job seekers and clients willing to utilize and tap into these networks. Building strong, trusted relationships is an asset you can draw upon in the future.

2. Know your motivation

The reasons and motivations for bringing great people together vary, depending on the individual. For us at Mills Resources, it’s about introducing or aligning job seekers to companies where the outcomes for both sides are mutually beneficially. Consider what your motivation is for bringing great people together. It may be different. The purpose of a task will almost always drive the action and energy that’s put into it. Many factors bring great people together, whether it is a shared sense of purpose or a mutually beneficial outcome / particular goal.

3. You have the power

The person bringing great people together holds a position of influence and responsibility. This shouldn’t be taken lightly, and the role of facilitating a connection between parties sets up a relationship for success. Understanding the important role you play enables you to clarify intentions and establish a positive environment from the beginning.

4. Be the thought leader

The person bringing great people together is often looked upon on as a thought leader. Know and understand this role, and lean into educating and empowering those around with you with great information, powerful content and training. At Mills, our focus is to build a strong hub of engaging content and education to help others learn what we know. We recognize that we are the thought leader in our space, and we’re doing our best to embrace it.

5. Like attracts like

The more great people you have on board, the more great people will follow. It’s the law of attraction and in my experience; I have seen that great people attract great people. By investing into a process that brings great people together, the snowball effect will occur and others will follow.

In concluding, the power of having great people working together in strong teams is a powerful motivation for many. The synergistic potential of great people (not just person) in a room drives businesses and organisations alike to invest significant time and resource into finding those great people. Getting it right is pivotal.

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