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Being an independent contractor is an exciting and sometimes daunting path forward for professionals. At Mills Resources, we see a number of people wanting to educate themselves on becoming an independent contractor. The purpose of this resource is to assist you by introducing you to the introductory information you need to make a decision. We aim to educate and highlight the benefits of becoming an independent contractor.

It’s a different way of working

Businesses around the world are moving to more flexible employment methods in order to cut costs, and this provides many opportunities to work differently. Being a contractor looks different to working full time as an employee. It is a different way of working and for the right individual, very attractive.

It’s not the same as an employee

Independent contractors are people who work on a contract basis, not as regular employees. This entitles you to certain benefits but also precludes you from others. Get informed on what the difference is, the risks that you take on and what it means for how you charge.

You get paid for the hours

Being a contractor entitles you to get paid for every hour that you work. On large projects, this may require a great deal of hours per week, but you bill for the hours you work, not a fixed fee per week or month.

Why it’s so attractive: Money and independence

The reason many professionals opt for contractor relationships is because of the potential to earn a lot more money. Add to that, there is a great sense of independence and freedom that comes with being a contractor. You can choose you hours in many situations for instance.

There’s more to it but becoming a contractor can be a great way to be recognized as a professional, work on a number of exciting projects, and get paid more.

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