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News 26 Jun 2018

Interview with Lisa Evangelista

Why & how have you arrived at Mills Resources?

I was lucky enough to have Angela Smith discuss Mills Resources with me, and arranged for me to meet with Darryl.  It was refreshing to hear from him and see what he is creating at Mills.  I was drawn in by the values, innovation, and the model; which all support experienced recruiters to excel.

Why you chose or found yourself in recruitment?

I was actually looking for a temp job over Uni holidays, and before I knew it, I was working as a Blue Collar Recruiter!  I looked after anything from JIT carpet manufacturers to the iconic Holdens in Adelaide, to fruit fly inspectors.

What are the benefits and your requirements of working from home?

Working from home will allow me to be able to play a more active role in my son’s life, as I gain two hours every day from travel!

Your values and ethics towards your line of work and the company you work for?

I love hearing that one of my candidates is still working for the company I placed them in many years down the track.  Listening and completely understanding both parties, together with ensuring proper due diligence ensures the best chance of success.  Being open and honest to all parties is important throughout the process, where I will consult and provide advice on all aspects.

At Mills Resources, I aim to build long term business partnerships with clients and candidates, based on quality recruitment consulting that listens and adds value.


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