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News 06 Feb 2019

Interview with Jamie Beaney

Why & how have you arrived at Mills Resources?

I started with Mills Resources after spending 8 years recruiting primarily in the Engineering discipline in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries. Prior to that I worked as a Telecommunications Technician for almost 10 years after studying a Computer Science degree.

Why you chose or found yourself in recruitment?

Like many people, my career path has changed since I first started in the workforce and I have to say that I found myself working in recruitment through a series of fortuitous events. After 8 years, my telecoms work was starting to slow somewhat and I found myself exploring other career opportunities. I knew others within the recruitment industry and through discussions with them, I realised that my positive attitude, tenaciousness and ability to think strategically would be perfect for this career path. Eight years later and the rest is history!

What are the benefits and your requirements of working from home?

Being a computer boffin, I love the opportunities that cloud-based technology provides in today’s work environment. It takes a forward-thinking employer to trust their staff and optimise these capabilities. Working with Mills Resources allows me to make the best of both being in the office and then working from home when needed.

The benefits of a cloud-based office include:

  • Increased flexibility for Clients and Candidates to interact with you, rather than being stuck to only communicating in standard office hours. I can’t count the number of times when I’ve had to help source staff at crazy hours!
  • Importantly for my family, I am able to help more (with our little one) when working from home, particularly as I don’t have to commute.
  • Reduced commuting times has the added bonus of reducing my carbon footprint on the environment.

Your values and ethics towards your line of work and the company you work for?

The reason I joined Mills Resources is that I found our values align closely – trust, integrity, transparency and being customer-centric. I hold myself to a high standard with all I do inside and outside of my work and I think that shows my success with candidates and clients I’ve helped.

Any other interesting facts?

I have interests in all things computing, martial arts, tennis and chess.

My interest in computers and technology may have been inherited from my grandfather who was an Electronics Technician at the NASA tracking station based in Carnarvon. This station played a vital role relaying the signal from the moon on the day Neil Armstrong took that giant step for mankind. As such the family has some very interesting heirlooms from that period including medals made from the spacecraft and photos.

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